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Whether around the campfire or on your feed, stories have the power to move people.

Indy Made Design is a branding and graphic design company, focused on telling great stories for its clients.

What story do you want to tell?

How does any organization cut through noise and connect with its real customers – the ones who are looking to be found?

At Indy Made Design we believe in the power of a well-told story.  Your story.

Tell your customers who you are, why you sweat over this incredible business, how this product came into being.  Connect with them and they’ll be customers for life.  They’ll be family.


At Indy Made we are a little obsessed with collecting tools. 

You just never know when you might need that special one. So when it comes to telling the story of your organization, we pull out just the right set of tools—identity design, web design, photography, video production—whatever it takes to tell your story in a way that connects with your customer.

Already exited to tell your story and connect with your customers?  So are we!  Let’s talk.